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Sketch Videos

Sketch videos are a fast-growing and very powerful marketing tool.
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A sketch videos portraying a hand drawing some visuals and illustrations on a blank screen, unfolding a new element one by one, is an appealing approach to present your offering to the audience and captivate their attention.

Such videos can accentuate the audience’s interest in any topic that might otherwise seem mundane and grab their attention, making it super convenient to explain the idea.

Sketch Videos have become an integral tool for marketers trying to communicate complicated ideas to their audience in a conducive manner.

Sketch Videos Are Eye-Catching and Enticing

Some Sketch Videos styles

(Black & white)


Pencil Drawing



And more…

Sketch Video for Video Marketing - Sketch Videos
Sketch Videos Are Eye-Catching and Enticing

Sketch Videos Can Communicate Complex Ideas Well

Sketch Videos Have A Greater Reach

Sketch Video is the perfect Marketing Tools

Sketch Videos have become an integral tool for marketers trying to communicate complicated ideas to their audience in a conducive manner.

A smooth blend of real-time illustrations with a professional quality video that is curated right in front of the audience, sketch videos articulate the marketer’s message to grab the audience’s attention and compel them to take action.

Why Use Sketch Videos for Video Marketing?

The use of sketch videos takes video marketing to a whole new level. First, sketch videos make video marketing passes the intended message to the audience without tiring them. Sketch videos are lively and short, which ensures that the audience does not get lost or bored. Sketch videos are naturally engaging, excellently capture the attention of the viewers, and leave them yearning for more information.

The creativity of generating images and text in real time is fascinating to the viewers. The common ‘talking head’ used over the years for video marketing has become unexciting and unappealing to viewers. Sketch videos are the only way to effectively grab the attention of the targeted audience and make them interact with the message being put across.

Also, sketch videos are professional and unique, adding flavor to video marketing. The sketching hand makes the audience curious about what comes next, as it displays high levels of expertise and distinction. Sketch videos are suitable for all types of audiences, including professionals and kids.

Lastly, sketch videos are a cheaper video marketing option but very effective. Sketch videos are simple and can be used for any marketing purpose. Most video marketing alternatives are expensive and complex, which many companies find unideal for their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, Sketch videos can be produced quickly by experts at affordable rates.

Sketch Video for Video Marketing

Some sketch videos done by us

sketch video

So why not discover the power of a sketch video.

We can create sketch videos in 9 different styles. With or without background music and subtitle. We also have voice-over for both men and women, in 30+ different languages. And if you have your own voice-over, no problem, we can work with that also.

We have, and will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. So if you like what you have read on the website, or if you simply want to know more, contact us without any strings attached.


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